Why You Should Only Let Hairdressers Put On Your Hair Extensions

A few years ago, the thought of wearing hair extensions might appall a lot of people, even women. Today, hair extensions and technologies used for making them have evolved greatly. There is a growth in availability of hair extensions made from real human hair (mostly virgin hair) to ensure that these extensions look as realistic as possible. The method of application has also gotten easier such that you can apply them yourself at home. For example, clip-in hair extensions are designed to be easily clipped onto your natural hair to add body or length. But expert hairdressers think that it is an absolute must to visit a salon for Hair Extentions in Bondi Junction if you do not want to make it obvious you’re wearing one.

Before you go DIY on this one, here are important reminders that will convince you it is better to find a salon for hair extentions in Bondi Junction:

Hair Consultation

One of the drawbacks to applying your own hair extensions at home is your lack of hair expertise. Meanwhile, hairdressers are highly knowledgeable when it comes to matters concerning your hair type, texture and health. Before your hair extensions application, your hairdresser will schedule an appointment for your hair consultation. This is an essential step before you go to the actual process of hair extensions attachment. In fact, experts do not recommend attaching the extensions without prior consultation. If you apply them yourself at home, you could end up with a mismatched hair extension that does not flatter your look.

During consultation, your hairdresser will assess your hair thickness and type. They will also ask you a few questions regarding your purpose for using hair extensions. It could be aesthetic enhancement with the ability to create different hairstyles, or you might want to use extensions to cope with hair thinning or hair loss. Either way, your hairdresser can make the right recommendation based on that information you have provided.

The consultation is also the time for the hairdresser to do color matching. The goal is to find the color of hair extensions that is the closest match to your natural hair color and facilitate in easier blending.

Styling Hair Extensions

Applying hair extensions do not end by simply attaching it to your hair. This is not as simple as it seems – especially if you want to make it look as natural as possible. When you go to a salon, they will attach your hair based on the type of hair extension you have chosen on consultation. After that, the hairdresser will trim the ends of the hair extension to allow it to blend naturally with the rest of your hair. The hairdresser will also take into account your strand shade and hair thickness when doing additional styling on your hair extensions.

A quality salon specializing in hair extentions in Bondi Junction can provide you with stunning looks using your hair extensions. If you already made that investment on your extensions, make it count by having a professional attach it to your hair.