Leasing properties for commercial purposes have become a popular move today due to irresistible desire to do business amid limited spaces. Many people have discovered that they must not own a commercial building to operate businesses in it since it is cheaper to lease. However, this doesn’t work properly without a clear set of rules that sketch out the contract that landlords and tenants should have. Before landlords lease the property to tenants, they should have a legal document that outlines the leasing process, business details and other agreements that the tenant should abide by. Some of the details the landlords should include in the commercial lease template are:

commercial lease template

Tenants’ Names

As a landlord, you should not lease your property to tenants who decline to give their full names. You should not accept a tenant who just gives writes one name in the lease since you may not justifiably follow them up in case they break the lease agreement. Once the tenants give their full names in the commercial lease template, they legally commit themselves to all the contract agreements therein. In case, they break any agreement you can hold them responsible in the corridors of justice. With all the names of the tenant in this lease form, you can terminate the tenancy in case that particular tenant violates the agreement.

Tenancy Terms

The lease agreement form should stipulate whether the tenancy is a term lease that is fixed or a rental agreement. Most rental agreements are monthly based and the tenant can renew the tenancy if the landlord has not decided to terminate it. Fixed-term leases have annual cycles and this favors people who intend to occupy the commercial property for lease for a long time. The tenancy terms in the agreement document give the landlords the power to choose the duration the tenant should stay or do business in their property and adjust flexibility.


The commercial property lease should specify how much the tenant should pay, by what time and the payment methods that the leasing party acknowledges. Some landlords prefer tenants to make payments through emails and others accept cash. You may also find landlords who ask tenants to deposit money in the bank and keep bank statements to prove the payment they make. Still on the rent agreement, tenants should find out if there are penalties if they don’t pay by the due date. If the tenant chooses to pay through personal check, they should find out the fines that accompany bounced checks.

Occupancy Limits

If the tenant opts to live in the same property they are operating a business, they should find out if there are rules limiting this. If the tenant only operates a business from the building and spends somewhere else, they should know if the lease allows them to do more than one business there. In some leases, the tenants have no right to decide the business they should do there or even change the business products or services depending on seasons. In fact, some landlords insist that leasing tenants should only operate the business they fill in the agreement form or the commercial lease template. read more

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Family law consultation involves seeking help from a legal practitioner with regard to family matters, like divorce, child custody, and division of estates. All of these issues are covered by Australia’s Family Law Act. Whether you are married, in a de facto relationship, or neither, any issues or disagreements you may have with your partner is covered by the this law.

family law consultation

Here’s a guide to the Family Law Act, which will be useful if you are having problems in your marriage.

  1. You and your spouse/partner disagree about arrangements for your children.

Mediation is required before you can take your case to a court. This can be facilitated by a legal aid from a respectable family dispute law firm Brisbane has. Once a dispute resolution has been made, a certificate will be required, which is required by the court before the legal proceedings can start.

In the event that the case is urgent or involves domestic violence or other factors, mediation or counselling can be skipped.

During mediation, both parties can organise informal agreements with the help of a family law consultation specialist. It is important that you seek the help of a legal aid to ensure that the arrangements are fair and legally binding, especially when it comes to where your children will live, which can affect child support and property matters.

  1. You are getting a divorce.

Divorce is the formal and legal means to end your marriage. However, you can only file for a divorce application at the Family Law Courts Registry after you have been estranged from your wife/husband for at least 12 months.

When a marriage ends or is ending, there are several matters that need to be resolved. These include sharing of properties and assets, custody of children, and other disagreements. This is especially important if there is no communication or willingness to communicate from the other party. This is where family dispute lawyers Brisbane has can help you.

  1. You want to settle your property.

The same laws about property settlement apply to married and de facto relationships, whether of the opposite sex or the same sex. However, if you are in a de facto relationship, you need to prove that you have been living together for at least two years. Otherwise, the equal sharing rules may not be applicable to you.

Property settlement negotiations may be started as soon as the relationship or marriage has broken down. Property includes anything owned by either one or both partners, such as investments, cash, real estate, personal properties, gifts, inheritances, redundancy payouts, lottery wins, etc.

  1. You want to ensure child support.

Before the divorce proceedings are finalised, parents must work out how they will continue to support their children’s needs, including housing, food, clothing, school fees, and other expenses.

Under the Family Law Act, child support is given to all parents, whether they are married to the paying parent, in a civil union, never had a relationship, or never lived together. It may also include same sex parents. This will be calculated by the Commonwealth agency that looks after child support payments. Some of the factors that will be considered include the number of children involved, ages of the children, income of parents, etc. read more

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With the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie divorce making the headlines, there is bound to be curiosity among some people on how their respective lawyers will handle the issue. It appears in many celebrity divorce cases, there are specialist lawyers who step in as soon as there is some discord and even smooth out the split and the settlement terms before the legal papers are officially filed. As per this piece appearing on Vanity Fair, this is normally done to avoid excessive media exposure and to limit the damage it may cause the close relatives, especially the children of the celebrities. If you happen to engage a child custody lawyer Nashville has, you might check if such out of court settlements can be amicably arrived at instead of long drawn court battles. But you and your spouse have to be in agreement for this to happen.

Engaging a Good Lawyer

Seeking a divorce from one’s spouse is not a very pleasant experience for any individual. But there are usually unmitigated circumstances for the couple to decide to separate. But in most states, divorce has to have a legal sanction and you have to get a lawyer to handle it. If you wish to search for the best divorce lawyers in Franklin Tennessee, there are ways to determine who could be right choice. Lawyers are also judged on their performance by their peers and maybe you could find the ones voted the best.

Measuring their Success Rate

A good lawyer has to have a record of getting the best settlements for their clients. This does not necessarily mean fleecing any unreasonable amounts from the opposition. The best divorce attorneys in TN would be the ones who specialize in family law; they would be extremely familiar with the local laws as applicable for divorce cases in the state of Tennessee and so on. Depending on where you are located, the best divorce lawyers in Murfreesboro TN will also have to follow the same yardsticks.

Getting the Child Custody Sorted Out

Within the types of cases being fought for divorce, the ones where there are kids involved are obviously more complicated. If the basic terms are also contested, then it could become even tougher for the Child Custody Lawyer Nashville has to make it work without an unpleasant fight. Depending on the age of the child or children, the judge hearing the case may decide on their custody being given to the mother or the father. The visitation rights are then worked out and agreed upon.

Protect Your Rights

The Child Custody Lawyer Nashville has must work the way out so that you get your rights as granted by law. If you are close to your child and if the custody has been granted to your spouse, you should be able to get the right to spend sufficient time with your kid during the weekends. Special days, like the kid’s birthdays, are treated separately and more time is allocated, including taking the kid out and giving him/her some great moments.

Having an expert legal professional to help you with getting the best settlement in a divorce suit and also making the child custody less bothersome going ahead are essential for you to move on and live a tension free life. When you need more information, there are websites that carry a lot of information ( read more

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Breaching a duty of care to a patient by a medical professional is what results to medical malpractice. The consequence of this breaching is injury and at times death. Although malpractice cases are fairly rare, they can be devastating when they occur especially if an experienced medical malpractice attorney is not in the picture. When some people hear about medical malpractice cases, they don’t understand the type of treatments that could have led to such. The truth is that medical malpractice occurs is different types, some of which are considered common. Here are some of the common medical malpractice types:

Childbirth injuries

A fetus can sustain or suffer several injuries during pregnancy or birth if the health professional handling the birth process is negligent. However, it is good to note that some of the birth injuries and problems occur when there is least that a medical professional can do. If a child suffers brain injuries such as seizure disorders or cerebral palsy, partial or full paralysis or even fractured bones out of negligent, the parents can file a claim. Medical negligence towards the mother could also occur if the medical professional fails to diagnose gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, anemia, hypoglycemia and Rh incompatibility.

Surgery inaccuracies

A surgeon is just a human being and they can commit errors when things inevitably get out of hand. Nevertheless, it becomes a big problem if a surgeon deliberately ignores some of the outlined code of ethics leading to negligence. For instance, it is prohibited for any surgeon to get to the surgical room drunk or under influence of a substance. It is during such circumstances when surgeons leave surgical tools inside the body of a patient. If this becomes the cause of deteriorated health, infections or damage, your medical malpractice attorney should guide you on what to do.

Anesthesia faults

Though anesthesia errors are quite uncommon, they can be more perilous than surgery faults. An error that a qualified anesthesiologist may term negligible may lead to brain damage, permanent injury or even death. Some of the malpractice that anesthesiologists commit includes giving the patient excess amount of anesthesia, ignoring vital signs of the patient and inserting trachea tube improperly. With a committed Nashville attorney, the patient can get the compensation they deserve for such malpractices.

Incorrect medication

Incorrect medication seems to be the commonest form of medical malpractice in most health care facilities today. Wrong drugs may be prescribed and given at the drug store without the knowledge of the patient. Any wrong drug you take damages your body systems and health in a great way. While some doctors give the right medicines and drugs to the wrong patient, others give the right drugs but with improper dosage. Still, this is malpractice that a patient can file with directions from their malpractice Nashville lawyers.

Suffering injuries and other health damages in the hands of qualified medical professionals are the last that should happen. The most painful thing is that most patients suffer malpractices but end up silent and with no compensation. Although ignorance contributes much to this, most malpractice victims live with unnoticed malpractice since they can’t get a medical malpractice attorney from Cummings Manookian PLC to guide them on what they should do in such situations. read more

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Did you know that a vast share of people filing for bankruptcy cases today are not businesses but individuals? In 1980, business concerns accounted for more than 13 percent of all bankruptcies, but now only 3 percent entities appealing for a bankruptcy lawsuit are business owners. So if you have a family to provide for, but you have lost a home or your job, or have huge medical bills or a mortgage loan to repay that is becoming unmanageable for you, bankruptcy may help. It obviously has many benefits over depending on creditors or taking no steps at all. Filing for a bankruptcy lawsuit can be the most effective way of settling matters though it can be an intimidating experience for most people. So it is imperative to search for the Houston bankruptcy lawyers who can understand your financial condition and help you in the best possible ways.

Houston bankruptcy lawyers

It is natural to be unsure about what exactly bankruptcy is and the disgrace surrounding the procedure may hinder you to reach out for assistance.  In such a scenario, you shall need an expert who will be by your side through the entire process as well as make sure that the matter is resolved very easily. So all you need is one of most reputable and responsive Houston bankruptcy lawyers. In case you are still doubtful of whether you should seek for professional assistance, here are a few reasons why you need to consult an advocate before starting the bankruptcy lawsuit.

Is filing a lawsuit the only option

The Houston bankruptcy lawyers can help you to understand whether there is a need to file for a bankruptcy in the first place. Though it may appear that you are out of choice when it comes to debt solutions and that the only remaining course of action constitutes filing for a bankruptcy, there may be a chance that some other option is better adapted for your condition. As a commoner, it is not possible for you to be aware of your options, but a bankruptcy attorney knows about the intricacies of various chapters of bankruptcy law and should therefore be consulted before taking any final step.

 In many cases, it is found that a well esteemed bankruptcy litigation lawyer can direct his clients to a better direction which has helped them to more efficiently manage their debts. When your debts have increased by leaps and bounds, and it has become impossible for you to pay them down, an experienced attorney can advise you to file for bankruptcy.

Which Chapter to file for

The bankruptcy lawyers Houston has can also aid you to determine which chapter you must file for. Once you have been advised to file for a bankruptcy petition, then it is imperative to understand which chapter will be most beneficial in your case. If you have no income and therefore, unable to pay debts or possess no feasible assets like vehicle or a home, then you shall have to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Similarly, there are other chapters too and depending upon your condition, your lawyer can assess which options are best for you.

When you hire one of the well adept and efficient bankruptcy litigation lawyers, he or she can evaluate the details of your finances and decide the best course of action for you. Also, when it comes to filing for a bankruptcy, there is also paperwork that needs to be taken care of, and it requires expertise and knowledge in understanding them. A responsive lawyer can also take care of these small details and spare you from this headache. read more

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El derecho a ser pagado de acuerdo con la ley, el derecho a no ser discriminado y el derecho a la licencia por razones familiares y médicas son algunos de los derechos y protecciones que los empleados y los entrevistados tienen. Aparte de estos, muchos otros países han implementado leyes específicas de trabajo que ofrecen seguridad suplementaria para los empleados. Sin pruebas irrefutables de que el empleador actuó con intenciones ilegales específicas, la mayoría de los abogados laborales encuentran difícil hacer ganar a sus clientes en casos de discriminación laboral y despido injustificado. Por lo tanto, ¿cómo puede usted como un empleado ganar en su concurso legal previsto?

Estos son algunos de los métodos probados:

· Contratación de abogados de trabajo de cualquier firma de abogados confiable que se especializa en demandas de descarga de empleados en su localidad para tener una mejor comprensión de su situación desde una perspectiva más específica.

· Pregunte a su abogado sobre las jurisdicciones locales sobre las leyes y procedimientos contra la discriminación implementados en su localidad.

· Revise con su abogado todo lo que su ex empleador le pidió que firmara como contratos y tal.

· Anote y registre la evidencia de cualquier documentación que sugiera discriminación de empleados de cualquier tipo.


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New York is probably one of the busiest cities in the world and one that’s most frequently visited too. Being a prime business area, the city is bustling with people trying to get to their different workplaces. The lifestyle is so fast paced that it’s no surprise if people would get into street or pedestrian accidents. That’s why it’s important to remember to always be careful when navigating its busy streets. What’s interesting to note though is that not too many people know that they should get legal assistance in case of such incidents. Check out for information regarding pedestrian accident lawyers in New York.

Of course, you would want to avoid getting into a pedestrian accident and having to hire any lawyer NYC can provide. What should you do? Here are some practical tips:

1. Always be alert – One of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents is lack of attention to surroundings. Check out the site which reported “inattention” as one of the causes of high street accidents that may even result to injury or death. In their rush to get from one place to another, pedestrians and public transportation commuters tend to ignore traffic signs and policies. Unfortunately, these negligent and irresponsible behaviours can have bad repercussions in the long run, especially if they encounter an equally irresponsible driver.

2. Follow seasonal road safety measures – Take note of the different traffic and road safety measures that may vary from one season to another. Slip and fall accidents from icy or slippery roads during the winter season are common. Car crashes are typical during summer when the number of pedestrians and vehicles populating the streets are higher than in any other months. You’ll need to adjust the way you navigate the streets depending on the current weather or season.

3. Adhere to work safety policies – Work-related accidents are also very common in New York because of the many ongoing construction projects. Debris falls, fire explosions, or even ladder slips or falls are just some of the many accidents construction workers or builders may encounter while working in a construction site. In case someone you know is a victim of work-related accident in New York such as ladder falls, just have them refer to New York ladder accident information sites so they’ll be guided on what to do.

4. Avoid travelling during peak hours – If you are a tourist, avoid going out during peak hours so you don’t have to weave through a huge mass of pedestrians, commuters, and drivers. If possible, avoid navigating the dangerous areas in Manhattan as reported in this website page: Plan your trip carefully and efficiently so you can enjoy New York streets with less hassle.

There’s no doubt that NYC demands its residents and tourists to be extra vigilant when it comes to following traffic and road policies. Be a good citizen or tourist by always adhering to traffic rules to avoid pedestrian accidents. In case you need to contact experienced and skilled accident lawyers, you may want to check out or the Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. website to inquire about basic information regarding filing personal injury or accident cases. read more

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The pain and confusion families face after the loss of a loved one is very difficult. However, knowing that the death was a result of the careless or negligent actions of another party makes it especially more difficult to cope. If you’re from the US State of Oregon, hiring a personal injury law Oregon firms have available will give you the peace of mind and justice you and your family so deserves after this horrific event. If this is your first time filing a claim in court, a little preparedness will go a long way. This article includes everything you need to know about fighting a personal injury case, choosing the reliable Portland Oregon personal injury lawyer and law firms to trust, and other significant details.

Types of Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Accidents

When a party neglects to take reasonable care to prevent accidents on their property, while driving, or at the workplace, a fatal accident can occur. Some types of fatal accidents include:

– Motor vehicle accidents

– Bicycle accidents

– Construction accidents

– Slip and fall accidents

– Pedestrian accidents

– Truck accidents

– Utilizing defective products

For any type of fatal accident where another party is at-fault, surviving family members are strongly urged to seek legal representation.

Reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer

  • An experienced attorney from any trustworthy personal injury law Oregon firms can help you seek justice in the form of a full and fair compensation.
  • While a financial compensation does nothing to change the death of a loved one, many wrongful death claimants find closure in a resolved case. To protect your rightful compensation, entrust your case to skilled attorneys who have a track record of successfully handling high damage cases.
  • Regarding the potential wrongful death claim, personal injury lawyer Portland Oregon firms and attorneys will help you determine your eligibility to file a suit and measures you can take to protect your rights. Filing a wrongful death claim can help you focus on grieving for your loved one without the added stress of the financial burdens that accompany a death.
  • Any spouse, child, or parent of numerous wrongful death victims is encouraged to seek legal aid from personal injury law Oregon firms. This is to effectively hold the responsible parties accountable for their wrongful conduct and secured financial compensation for the lost wages, funeral expenses and final medical bills the death of a loved one caused.
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